Disappearing Palestine

I have nothing against the Israeli people – the ones I have met in person are just as loving as everyone else in general on this planet. It is only the policy of the Israeli government that I find unbalanced.

This blog is opinions on this news paper article: http://www.radicalpress.com/?p=3274

Edward Snowden became a criminal for telling the truth. You know there is something seriously wrong in a world like that. The darkness is in all governments of the world, and they all act like wounded animals when there is a perceived attack.

World War II was horrible and millions of Jews died, as did a lot of other people not forgetting the loss at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But it seems like Israel have forgotten that the war is over and they are no longer the victims, and are acting like the oppressors with major armies and enormous nuclear capabilities.

The treatment of Jews was horrible, but that does not justify treating other horribly. How are the Palestine people ever going to pose a threat to such a massive Israeli army force? They of course cannot and their land is ever decreasing – this is facts for anyone with eyes to see – unless of course the Israel government is of the opinion that the Palestine border never moved?

How can telling the truth be an attack on Israel? What part is incorrect, and what exactly is so wrong with showing the facts?

They resort to the old tactics of calling every critic a “anti-Semite” or a Holocaust denier, or as in the case just call it an attack on Israel and a distortion of truth, without going into details as to how it is an attack and what the truth is according to them – that is convenient as that makes it impossible to verify.

There is lots of hatred between the Palestinians and Israelis – and why would there not be? Children on both sides are being raised with the intense hate for the other side. This only stops when the children cannot see a reason to hate anymore, or then the Palestinians are all gone. No matter how you look at it: we are not long away from a change for the better.

See news paper article: http://www.radicalpress.com/?p=3274