We love Science Fiction! Why? Because it enables us to look at alternative ways our society could be: Do we need money? What is it like to live in another way? It gives us a glimpse of possible future discoveries both technologically and spiritually. Do we really die when our bodies die, as even main stream science is starting to question?

Science Fiction gives us both hope for a better future, but also shows us a possible nightmare. It lets us take a hard look at our current life, and questions things we usually take for granted. It is always healthy to question, dream and think of alternative ways to live.

To keep possible futures in perspective with today SciFi.DK will also give today’s world a good look at, but not like the news you will usually see in the mass media. That kind of news is nothing more than a well digested safe lie that gives the illusion of being free, honest, and for your benefit.

Governments and politicians have lied to us time and time again. This is not a theory, but a fact. There were no evidence of “Weapons of mass destruction” – and they have even publicly admitted that there were no evidence. Our current world is as unreal as any Science Fiction movie.